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Winter Survival Kit Ideas

 What to do when the weather suddenly turns cold and everyone around you is coughing and sneezing? Be prepared! Stock up with these immune boosters and be the healthy one this winter. The list below covers the nutritional arsenal you should have on hand all winter. 

You may wonder why probiotics are included here. At least 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Optiflora pearl and Optiflora DI are poweful tools to restore good gut bacteria. 


Winter Survival Kit Ideas

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Vitalized Immunity
Defend & Resist
Sustained Release Vita-C (also Chewable C)
Garlic Complex
Optiflora Probiotic
Optiflora DI


Of course, these specialty supplements will work best in combination with a foundation of the basics:

Life Plan (Life Strips and Life Shake)

Vitalizing Plan (Vitalizer and Life Shake)

Essentials Plan (Vita-Lea, OmegaGuard, Life Shake)

Choose the plan that fits your budget.


I hope this helps you and your family get through the winter and beyond. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Let me help you put together the best, most economical package for your family.