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   Mark & Donna Turner              


We are Donna & Mark Turner and we are happy that you came to this place to see how you can have a healthier life. Now, it's so easy to get started - just take 5 minutes to complete your Health Print assessment and get personalized recommendations for lifestyle and nutrition, customized just for you. CLICK HERE to get started, then let's talk about implementing your plan.

Our Shaklee story began 20 years ago when we were searching for a way to replace the income from a lost job. Our search ended at our friend Beth's house, where she introduced us to the Shaklee family of wonderful people and safe, heathy products that actually work. We did find an income, but it came with benefits of good health and lots of energy! Here's what we mean when we say The Shaklee Difference!

Our family has gotten numerous health benefits, including not getting sick during international travel; hence the name Health in the Jungle. :)

Click on "Shop"  to learn more about Shaklee and how you can experience better health and more energy for your own busy life. If you are looking for more income, like we were, click on Income Opportunity for a video series in short segments. (Also found under the Why Shaklee tab, above)

I am available to walk you through learning about how these products can help your family. Just click on Contact Me, above, or call me at 760-445-9470. Let's talk!